Tasting Program

Sign up for The Clarke Hotel’s Tasting Program

Celebrate a special event, or just have a fun evening with your friends.

Allow our wine expert to lead you through the basics of how to evaluate and appreciate fine wine. Gain a better understanding of important wine characteristics such as color, clarity, opacity, acidity, smell, taste, and even the importance of proper glassware, as you sample an array of wines carefully selected to give you an informed appreciation of the complexities of fine wine.

$35 per person, eight person minimum. Does not include food pairings.

You and your guests will enjoy a selection of fine wines, each one paired with a carefully prepared appetizer specifically chosen to highlight the unique characteristics of that particular wine. Our wine expert will guide you through the experience of the extraordinary delights produced by matching a perfect wine with a perfect appetizer.

$55 per person, eight person minimum.

Not your daddy’s PBR! There has been an explosion of interest in craft beers, but we can’t forget the classics either. Pick your best mates to join you as we lead you through the process of really getting to know your beers; Irish, American, German, sweet, smoky, nutty, fruity, and spicy. We’ve got a world of beer for you to explore!

$40 per person, six person minimum. Includes an appetizer.

Of course at an Irish Pub – whiskey is our specialty! Gather your friends together for a fun session with our on-site expert and explore the mysteries of whiskey. Youthful, dignified, soft, hard, subtle, smoky, salty, nutty… These are just some of the ways you’ll be able to describe whiskey as you sample a variety of American and Imported selections of this “Aqua Vitae” or “Water of Life!”

$40 per person, six person minimum. Includes an appetizer.

For more information regarding our Tasting Program and to sign up please call (262) 549-3800 or email us at info@theclarkehotel.com